Frecuent questions

This section includes answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Please select a topic below to get started. If it is difficult for you to find an answer to your concern in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.


1Do you offer a warranty in your products?
- The warranty for manufacturing defects is 3 months. This warranty does not cover wear and tear due to use or misuse of the jewelry, or damages caused by contact with chemicals, sweat, chlorine, perfumes, creams, makeup, or any product that affects the material.
- All rings in white gold, require maintenance to retain their color and luster.
- The rhodium falls with daily use and therefore forms part of the natural deterioration that is not considered a manufacturing defect.


1Can I buy online?
At the moment, no sales are made online due to the Colombian government's regulation regarding the shipment of jewelry by merchandise carriers.
2There is another way to buy the products?
- At our jewelry store, located at Avenida Jimenez # 5-43, local 114-115, Emerald Trade Center Building.
- In our showroom, where you will receive personalized assistance, with the comfort and attention you deserve. Contact Us.
- - Coordinating with us visits to your lodging place, as long as it meets the appropriate standards of security.
If you are in another city, we can establish a visitation schedule through which we will take your jewelry to you, whenever the value of the merchandise exceeds $ 3,000,000 for domestic purchases, or $ 5,000 usd for international purchases.


1It's possible to shrink or enlarge my ring?
Of course. In our jewelry, we will take your measurement and we will adjust the ring of your predilection to your liking.
2It's possible to frame my ring?
Of course.In our jewelry, you can indicate the letters or numbers you want for your ring.
3It's possible to design my own jewel?
Of course. In our jewelry, you will be able to receive advice and decide the jewel you have dreamed of.Of course. In our jewelry, you will be able to receive advice and decide the jewel you have dreamed of.


1Could they get my old jewels to be cast and get a new one?
Of course. Approach our jewelry, where we will analyze your clothes and give you the option that suits you.


1RETURNS ELEVEN JEWELS S.A.S understands that the satisfaction of our clients is their main objective. Our jewelers will be ready to resolve any concerns regarding the parts purchased and that, due to manufacturing defects, have presented problems. You as a customer should understand our warranty policies.
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